Photo Reduction for the Web.

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Wow, Your new camera takes 5 or was it 10 .....or was it 12 Mg pixel photos. They are great......but not for uploading and sharing with others who are web based. Bear in mind that if you're not careful, that handful of photos can be 50, 60 100Mg big. A lot of time will be spent downloading those images.

So, what's correct to upload to this or almost any other web site...and email? I'd recommend that you limit the total file size to under 100K. Yes, that's right, less than 100,000 bytes versus the native camera file size of 5,000,000 to 10,000,000+ bytes. In fact, depending on the complexity of the photo, you can often reduce the size to under 25,000 bytes.


Here are a couple of suggestions:

While there doesn't appear to be a direct way to resize photos from within Vista, the closest involves using Windows Photo Gallery. This kludge work-around is: Click the start button -> All Programs -> Windows Photo Gallery. Select a photo from within Gallery and then look at the menu bar at the top. Click "Email" and a dialog box opens. Select the smallest size, 640x480. Select attach. When your blank email message opens, address the email to yourself. Receive your email and Right click the attachement and select "Save As", navigate to a folder. There you have it. Should be WAY simpler.

Here is a simpler way, but it involves downloading the freeware software Irfanview. I found it at: Once installed, you can open a photo from within the program, select Image->Resize/Resample. You can specify a height or width smaller than 640x480. Try something like 300px wide or tall. Let the other dimension default to the original's ratio. Now select File->Save As and specify your folder. This program is compatible with XP, Windows 7, and just about any flavor of windows still running.

Another favorite is Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Both have a good "Save for Web" File option. The license fee may preclude their use, however. And Photoshop is notorious for a bad learning curve.

For Mac? I don't own one, but Adobe is a big player in that world. Photoshop Elements / Photoshop are available. Are there any freeware packages?


I hesitate to recommend GIMP. It is good, usable and freeware but is a little hard to get used to.

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14 years 6 months ago - 12 years 8 months ago #201 by Deborah Streeter
There is an easy way to reduce the size of a photograph using the Mac for uploading to the Web without downloading another program.

In iPhoto, "select" your photo
Click on "File"
Click on "Export"
Choose "File Export" (default)
Kind: "JPEG"
JPEG Quality: "Small" or "Medium"
Size: "Small" or "Medium"
File Name: "Use Filename"
Click "Export"

By default a "Save As" window opens up and your 're-sized' image will be saved in "Documents". (Easily click/drag to a folder of your choice.)

When uploading to WBS in the "Select image file to attach" box (below your message), 'Browse' and choose the 're-sized' image where it lives in your Document File. Then click the [img] box. (When selecting "Preview", your image will not be visible to you.) Make sure to click "Submit" when finished. If you are not satisfied with the results you can always go back in and edit or delete your post. [img][/img]

The above image is Free N Clear's blister repair job, the image is

JPEG Quality: Small
Size: Small

and is adequate for WBS!

Free N Clear
Whitby 42, #70
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Here is the way to reduce photos easily in XP without the use of any outside programs:

1. Navigate to your photo using Start->My Pictures or Windows Explorer. There is no need to open the photo unless you want to.

2. Right click the file name

3. Select Resize and a dialog box will open.

4. Select the size you like. The "hand-held" size is great for web posting. OR click the Advanced button. If you click the Advanced button, you can specify the exact size desired. When you click "OK", the file is saved to the same directory as the original with the same file name as the original BUT with the size you selected or custom appended to the file name.
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