Main sheet attached to mizzen mast

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These are photos from Randy Robinson on Sinbad of the main sheet attached to the mizzen mast.

This is an email from Fatty Goodlander to Randy about sailing with the mizzen. Included with permission from Fatty. To support Fatty, please buy his books!

Basically you sail it like a sloop, concentrating on the slot between the main and headsail. 

Once you've got the boat moving fast,  you can play with the mizzen. 

Generally speaking,  mizzens should be cut flat.  In mid-to-heavy airs they should be set up flat....with enough tension on hoist and foot to just begin to see a parallel wrinkle. 

On the wind,  mizzens should be sheeted in until they ALMOST  stop luffing.  The best is if the mizzen sail is sometimes completely still and sometimes just developing a bubble behind the mast. 

Off the wind , mizzens should be trimmed as if they're an air rudder.  If you have lee helm or neutral helm, sheet in the mizzen and feel it disappear.  If you have to much weather helm, ease the mizzen to the bubble or take it down. 

I do not believe the ketch is the fastest rig. 

I do believe,  however,  that it is one of the best. 

And I love having a mizzen grab on to, clip to...brace to...

I often leave the mizzen up  at anchor to cut the roll.

...sailing off anchor,  and just hoist my aft...and PUSH the mizzen boom to the side I want to sail off...and instantly I'm on the right track.

,,,in heavy weather...

S/V Red Ranger
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