Rudder gudeon fastener attachment size and grade of metal

1 year 6 months ago #3640 by Chris Gilday
Greetings fellow Whitbybrewer owners, this is my first post on this site as I am the proud owner of my 1983 Whitby 42. Former commercial fisherman now retired and going cruising on my long awaited ride. I have had many sailing hulls/designs and had my fun on all of them but always knew i would eventually end up with the full keeled version of the Whiby 42 for my intended uses. I have carefully read up on these boats over the course of the years before my recent purchase to know what might be the vulnerabilities. My boat has the original sized rudder with hydraulic steering. I inspected my external rudder components and found my middle gudeon fasteners completely wasted. I would like to drill out the remnants and retap to either the original size or obviously the next size up. My question is what specific grade metal was used and where might I source them? Also noticed that there doesn’t seem to be any packing/shim or bearing between the gudeon and the rudder shaft, it’s metal on metal when the load is imposed on those components. Is that normal? Has anyone fitted a piece in that space to eliminate the obvious slop or is that the intended design. I am going to run a copper strap to a grounding plate to deal with the electrolysis before splashing like I had on my commercial boats so the fasteners last. The shoe below looks like it had some recent attention as the fasteners appear detailed and sharp to the eye. The upper shaft looks solid and feels good on both sides of the gland. Thank you kindly. ☘️

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