Shower sump pump plumbing

4 years 3 months ago #3086 by Brad Luellen

When you say they weren't originally plumbed....what do you mean? I would assume they would have to drain somewhere, but where did it go??

But yes, the owner gave me the Whale sump for the aft shower, which I have rebuilt. I was going to replace it in the spot where it was, but couldn't find where the outlet went. Is why I assumed that they must have been using the bilge as the outlet.

So, in my example, I just need to get a T fitting and run the outlet of the sump into the sink drain? That is completely acceptable??



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4 years 3 months ago #3088 by Scott Lee
Replied by Scott Lee on topic Shower sump pump plumbing
Brad, I believe the default arrangement for the shower drains was just a pan under the teak grate in the floor of the head. The pan had a hole at the lowest point and that hole just drained into the bilge for the bilge pumps to handle. This adds hair and soap scum to the bilge which is bad for the bilge pumps and contributes to boat smell.

The typical upgrade is to add a shower sump to catch the run off from the pan (gravity fed) before it gets into the bilge. The shower sump contains a float switch and a small electric pump to pump the contents up to a point above the water line and typically connects high up to the sink drain. I suppose it could alternately go directly overboard via a thru hull that is always above the waterline on any heel.

Something like this shower sump from Rule is probably very similar to your Whale shower sump. I'm not recommending this one over another, just giving an example...

We don't shower in the aft head so the default shower pan with a hole is still there. Our forward head is plumbed with a shower sump similar to the one linked above and has worked for many years. I did replace the float switch and pump in it a couple years ago. I've been meaning to rethink the plumbing from the pan to the sump to improve the gravity feed. It's current circuitous route has a tendency to get plugged up.

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4 years 3 months ago #3089 by Brad Luellen

Thanks for the info, I just didn't realize they just let if flow to the bilge like that. Both of my shower pans have hoses running off them. The previous owner said they never used the forward shower, so he never connected it to anything. My aft shower stall has the hose running into the engine compartment where the sump was previously mounted, which is just adjacent to the sink drain line.

My Whale pump is this:

There is a switch in the head that you turn on when you get in the shower to activate the pump. If I have problems with this set up, I may adjust to the pan option in a few years. The previous owner gave me the Whale pump when we did the paperwork, and I just rebuilt it for a few bucks. If it lasts a few years, great deal.

Thanks for the insight. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't about to do something that would cause me anguish when if I tied into the sink drain. It is also good to know I need to go as high as possible in the sink drain line.

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