Fuel Tank Switching Valves

10 years 2 months ago #1797 by Edward Schwiebert
One of the fuel tank switching/selector valves on our Brewer 44 (#284) has gone the way of all things metal in salt water conditions. The handle sheared off in my hand pre-trip. I jury rigged a three way valve with a manifold and soldered stem extension, but I want to acquire two proper valves. The stem must be long (longer than the Moehler valves available anyplace I have seen them (including catalogues)), say 2.25+". The originals were four way with one port (the bottom one) plugged and the supply coming out the back of the valve to a manifold to supply two engines (Perkins and genset). A three way with rear exiting supply would work. 3/8" NPT threaded nipples. Does anyone know a source for such valves?

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