Port Treatments

14 years 11 months ago #86 by Deborah Streeter
If you still have the original aluminum ports on your Whitby (Brewers too?) and just need to replace the gasket material it is easy enough to do. The closed cell foam gasket is available and for not much money! It comes in 100 foot rolls and that is certainly enough to do all the ports, twice. [url] www.mcmaster.com/#8605k43/=2bvsum [/url]

The material is made of weather resistant EPDM closed cell foam, is 3/8 inch in diameter and just "rolls" into the space. There is no need to use any glue or sealer. It takes just about 3 feet to do one port. Of course, make sure that your cut is at the top of the port so it doesn't leak when it rains or you take a bit of water over the hull.

Another nifty idea is to trap a piece of wicking material used in oil lamps in the bottom corner under a screen. The water from a good rain shower will "wick away" in about 15 minutes and leave you with a dry enough port that you can open without leaking water to the inside of the boat.

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Whitby 42, #70

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