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capns we are new owners of an '84 12.8 brewer. lots of questions and we appreciate being able to tap your expertise, bruises and experience. i have 2 questions to begin.

1) does anyone have the code for the hull identification number? We think we have deciphered it but want to make sure.

2) for some reason the center stringer running fore and aft under the main cabin floor was cut to allow for the mast. it was never reinforced and the main cabin floor has fallen significantly. Did anyone else experience this problem? We have a scheme to level and strengthen the floor, but would appreciate your experience before we start.

Thanks in advance
Tom Jones
Bluie Jacket

ps this is also 1st time on the web so hope i am using it correctly.

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15 years 3 weeks ago - 15 years 3 weeks ago #69 by Deborah Streeter
A typical hull identification number, or HIN, consists of 12 letters
and numbers, as in ABC12345D404.

Here’s what the letters and numbers mean:

ABC: the U.S. Coast Guard-assigned Manufacturer Identification Code.
The Coast Guard’s MIC database is online at

12345: the hull serial numbers assigned by the manufacturer, may be a
combination of letters and numbers; the letters “I,” “O” and “Q” are
excluded because they could be mistaken for numbers.

D: the month of certification or manufacture. Indicates the month in
which construction began, with “A” being January and “L” being
December. In our example, “D” means April.

4: the year of certification or manufacturer. Indicates the last
digit of the year, in this case, 2004, the boat was built.

04: the boat’s model year.

This information came from Thomas Doyle and was originally posted on the WhitbyBrewer Yahoo Group site.

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