Deck Nonskid surface

14 years 5 months ago #309 by Robert Strickland
Doug or anyone,
Do you know what technique was used to create the nonskid surface on the deck? We are changing some of the deck gear on Allegria(199) and would like to renew the affected areas to the same if possible.
Thanks and Merry Christmas,

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14 years 4 months ago #316 by Douglas Stephenson
NONSKID. The non-skid is patterned in the mould as a female surface. When the gelcoat is sprayed into the mould as a first step following the parting agent the pattern is set. It was created in the mould by using regular paint roller in the 70's and 80's as opposed to the knurled deck surface we used earlier.

When I have had decks resurfaced usually after some repair, then we usually sand the area repaired ie side-deck or coach roof and roll on fresh gel to resurface.

As a general guideline, where there is nonskid, there is balsa beneath, where there is smooth glass, there is solid glass for instance, around cleats and staunchions. If there are owner installations on deck, one would need to determine the truth for that area.

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