Through Bolting of Deck to Hull

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The myth, largely attributed to surveyor Jack Horner and unfortunately published as part of a series of boat reviews by Boat U.S., is that the hull - deck joint uses only pop rivets in the joint.

Unfortunately, this myth is perpetuated by otherwise knowledgeable folks who don't check Mr. Horner's written words for themselves. And it is such an easy check to make.

So, here's the truth:

Rivets were used during construction to provide alignment during manufacture. The deck and hull were bonded and rivets held the assembly in place while the resin cured. After bonding of the deck to hull joint through bolting was added.

According to Doug Stephenson who worked for Whitby, through bolting became standard during the production period during which the boats were manufactured. On those earlier boats that were not specifically through bolted on the full perimeter, through bolts on 4" intervals occur on every Whitby along the port and starboard head sail tracks. Many boats have tracks extending almost to the transom.

Inspection of numerous Whitby 42s has demonstrated that through bolting was very commonly employed and any prospective Whitby owner should verify this to his or her satisfaction. Examine the joint from the interior. You'll find through bolts!

Here is an article that mentions the through bolts as found during a cap rail replacement.

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