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6 years 2 months ago #2720 by Michael Manchon
Chain Plates was created by Michael Manchon
Gypsy, our 1985 Whitby 42 has decided it is time for her chain plates to be replaced. The port side, mizzen, fwd chain plate gave way with a bang while we were at anchor (how lucky is that!) in the Bahamas. A temporary repair got us home to North Carolina without incident, but clearly we have to change them all. The question is how do you get at them, particularly the main mast plates on the starboard side. All the mizzen chain plates are fairly accessible, not so with the main mast. Any tips on this project would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Michael

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6 years 2 months ago #2721 by Dale Kramer
Replied by Dale Kramer on topic Chain Plates
The Main mast chainplates are in various places:

1. Bar: Remove the wood cover that covers the chaiplates.
2. Forward of the bar in the cabinets on the starboard side. Again you have to remove the cover.
3. Stbd side in the hanging locker. Open and easy to access.
4. Port side in the cabinets in the head.
5 Aft of the head in the port cabinet. Remove cover.
6. Port side in the book locker area which has a wood cover on it.

We replace Puffin's 4 years ago. You probably will have to either cut the wood covering down or ciut the fiberglass liner to get ot the chainplates.

Also, a note on the mizzen stays. Our rigger found that the forward leaning stays were attached to a false member, ot a strength member and had to be m ove aft to the strength member.

Dale Kramer

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