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I heard from Mike at White Water and he reports that he cannot find the original Whitby boarding ladder plans from Tops In Quality. (But he does have their original plans for a number of other Whitby items.) He said he will have another person there search again, just in case... If I hear any more info, I will post it here.

In lieu of the original plans, I asked him for a rough estimate of the cost to fabricate a 6-step folding boarding ladder and he guessed it might be around $450 or slightly more, including plastic tops on the steps.

Nettypatch - They said they do not ship to Canada, but that they're only a few hours drive from Ontario for pickup.

If you want to reach White Water, their number is (810) 987-4837, and they have more info (plus a measurement form) on their website at .

Obligatory disclaimer - I have no interest, financial or otherwise in White Water - just passing on info I was able to find.

Hope this helps.

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