Original interior finish?

9 years 10 months ago - 9 years 10 months ago #1862 by Frank Fitzpatrick
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Looking at the interior woodwork in Just Desserts (and in a few others), it seems there were two different finishes used on the teak.

The trim, moldings, handrails and folding table have a glossy varnish-like finish. Looking carefully at a few telltale spots, the evidence suggests that it is indeed regular varnish. No problem there.

However, the plywood panels (bulkheads, cabinet faces, cabin riser, etc.) have a low-gloss finish that has not filled the grain of the wood and looks very nice - especially in conjunction with the glossy trim around the edges. It is fairly hard and resistant to scratches, and seems like it was more than just an oil. (Plus it doesn't dull or dry out like ordinary furniture oil.) Since it hasn't filled the grain, I assume it something that soaks in, rather than builds up in multiple coats.

Does anyone know what was originally used for this low-gloss, non-filling finish on the plywood?
(Again, this is the interior woodwork, not exterior.)

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9 years 10 months ago #1863 by Dale Kramer
I have Puffin, Hull 169.

We found that alot of the interior bulkheads on our boat had a "rubbing varnish" used as a finish. This might also be described as "gel varnish".

This type of varnish is applied with a soft rag and actually rubbed into the wood, not brushed on. It has a satin finish. Since you are rubbing it on, there are no "drips" that occur.

Dale Kramer

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