Hurricane Ian damages the fleet in Southeastern United States

Screen Shot 2022 10 02 at 09.21.47

photo from NOAA.


On 28 September 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall on the Western coast of Florida. The storm then traveled across the state and up the Eastern seaboard, wrecking coastal communities as it went. Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones and their homes.


Many Whitby/Brewers are present around Charlotte Harbor, some in boatyards (most in J&R, CHBS, or Safe Cove), some on the water. This is the tally so far of the boats impacted by this storm. Please contact me (webmaster address under Contacts) with updates. Thanks to the many folks on our Facebook group who helped compile this list and posted photographs.

In the water, deck hardware damaged:

Indefatigable (#80)

Uhane Kai (#213)


On jack stands, still standing:

Orion (#217 or #249?)

Blue Trust (#251)

Grace Lillian (#273)

Sunbeam (#218)

Joie de Vivre (#088)


Slipped off jack stands:

Amarai (#061)

Island Time (#262)

Fleur de Lys (#302)

Alfin II (#289)

Mojo (#275)

Red Ranger (#188)

Ever After (#045)

Huginn (#?)

Fracas (#158)

Kopelia (#005)