Summary of the Whitby-Brewer Fleet

Updated 02 November 2020
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The Whitby Brewer Boat History project is a collection of information of every Whitby and Brewer sailboat built at Whitby Boat Works in Whitby, Ontario and Fort Myers Yacht and Shipbuilding in Ft. Myers, Florida from 1972 until 1990. The project has two primary goals:

  1. Status of every hull number in the Whitby Brewer fleet (active, destroyed, etc.)
  2. Owner history for every Whitby & Brewer hull number


Summary of the Whitby-Brewer Fleet

Totals by Model
Hull Nos. Years Manufacturer Model # of boats
001-201 1972-1982 Whitby Whitby 42 201
301-335 1983-1986 Whitby Whitby 42 34
202-233 1980-1982 Fort Myers Whitby 42 32
234-267, 269-272, 275 1983-1987 Fort Myers Brewer 12.8 39
268, 273-274, 276-306 1987-1990 Fort Myers Brewer 44 34
001-003 1985-1986 Whitby Whitby 55 3
      Total boats in WB fleet 343


Totals by Build Location
Whitby 42 built in Whitby 234
Whitby 55 built in Whitby 3
Whitby 42 built in Fort Myers 33
Brewer 12.8 built in Fort Myers 39
Brewer 44 built in Fort Myers 34
Total built in Whitby 237
Total built in Fort Myers 106
Total in Fleet 343


Overlapping Hull Numbers

Hull Nos. Years Manufacturer Model
001-003 1972 Whitby Whitby 42
001-003 1985-1986 Whitby Whitby 55
301-306 1983 Whitby Whitby 42
301-306 1989-1990 Fort Myers Brewer 44

In several cases, the 3-digit hull numbers of some of the boats overlap, creating some confusion. Whitby, ON built three Whitby 55's with hull numbers 001-003, the same as the first three Whitby 42's built. Also in several cases, the 3-digit hull numbers of boats built in Whitby, ON, overlap with those built in Fort Myers, FL. 

Of course, the full 12 or 13-digit Hull Identification Numbers for all of these “overlapping” hulls is unique for each boat. Confusion can still occur as there are several types of format for the HIN. Further explanation of various types of HIN's can be found in the article, What's in a Number? - Hull Identification Numbers of Whitbys & Brewers.


Status of the Fleet

Status of Boat Number of Boats
Active Boats 224
Active? Boats (Not 100% Sure) 59
Destroyed 9
Never Completed (#201) 1
Unknown Status - No Info 50
Total Boats 343
Owner Records w/o Hull Number 86
Boat Records w/o Owner or Hull Number  12

Of the 343 Whitby and Brewer sailboats built, current information shows that at least 224 boats remain active in the fleet. Another 59 boats are labeled “Active?” meaning they are thought to be still active, but concrete information about the current owner is lacking. Nine boats are known to have been destroyed or parted out, and one boat was never completed, but used only for a building mold. “Unknown Status” indicates that no owner information at all is currently available.