2016 Upper Chesapeake Rendezvous

 2016 rendezvous group

From 4-6 October, 2016, John & Mary Cece hosted the 23rd Association Upper Chesapeake Whitby Brewer Sailboat Association Rendezvous at the West River Sailing Club in Galesville MD. Forty-one sailors and 4 boats were in attendance. The boats were Alembic, Allegria, Red Ranger and Shooting Star.

Monday night was our opening dinner with social hour, including the famous anchovy dip made by Hannah Gardner.

Tuesday morning Hannah Gardner and Paddy O’Donnell (Rita T) presented information about Caribbean rallies. Gerry ODonoghue (Simbi) followed with a discussion on rigging. Scott Lee (Joie de Vivre) presented about the current state of the website. He is collecting a photo of each boat for a new slideshow on the website. Email a favorite photo of your boat to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The slideshow is here

Jeanie Lee (Joie de Vivre), our membership coordinator, discussed the Boat History Project. She is gathering data on each boat, including past and current owners, boat names and dates of ownership. The data gathering is challenging due to incomplete information. The hull number has various formats but is unique for each boat. Matching hull number with boat name and owner is complete for fewer than half the boats. Bill and Helen Weigel (Alembic) found Bernie Boykin’s list of WBS Association Members from the 1990s which will help Jeanie in her quest.

After lunch and some boat visiting while the sun shone, John Meskauskas (Laume II) presented Bringing DC systems into compliance with ABYC standards and Main and mizzen roller furling. Steve Lott (Red Ranger) presented on Solar Panels and electrical budget. The traditional group picture was taken on the front lawn of the club.

Scott Steele and Larry Leonard from http://www.ullmansailsannapolis.com brought their large model and discussed sail trim. Their presentation focused on racing sloops, but we were able to learn some general techniques for sail trim that could be applied to any rig.

Hurricane Matthew predictions were coming in for the South-Eastern coastline, so a few crews decided to leave early to head homeward to protect their boats.

Wednesday, Deb Temperly (Island Time) gathered some short topics on how to make cruising more enjoyable with Hannah Gardner (Rita T), George Chamberlain (Indefatigable) and Scott Lee adding pointers about food preparation and sewing projects. Tony Navoy (Zephyr) gave well-documented project reports on SailVac holding tank and Frigoboat refrigeration installations.

The WBS Association Business Meeting followed, starting off with the Treasurer’s report from Terry Temperly (Island Time). We overestimated the event cost for three reasons:

  1. The event insurance was significantly less than previous years.

  2. The WRSC Commodore and guest were unable to attend a dinner (that cost is shared among attendees).

  3. The fixed costs (insurance and club rental) were sized for 30 attendees and we had 41.

The officers presented 3 options to attendees to split the overage amount (~$18/person). Each attendee received a blank paper to record their preference:

  1. Tip the catering team (in previous years, we have collected donations on the last day).

  2. Donate to the WRSC.

  3. Donate to the WBSA

  1. Get a refund.

The Officer candidates were reviewed. All current officers remain except the Co-Treasurer position, which George Chamberlain passed to Gerry O’Donoghue.

2016-2017 Whitby-Brewer Sailing Association Officers:
Coordinator: Cindy Ann Bowers
Treasurer: Terry Temperly
Co-Treasurer: Gerry O
Webmaster: Scott Lee
Membership Coordinator: Jeanie Lee

Cindy Ann Bowers (Red Ranger) presented the Sales Trends report with boats sold in the past 12 months and current boats for sale. She also presented Field Notes gathered from current cruising boats on how well the boats keep their crews cruising happily.

Many, many thanks to the event organizers:
Registrar - Gerry O'Donoghue
Greeters - John Cece, Hannah Gardner
Dock Masters -
John Cece, Steven Lott, Terry Temperly
Club Liaison - John Cece
Catering Liaison - Hannah Gardner
Presentation Coordinator - Cindy Ann Bowers
Cleanup Coordinator - Ruth Seifert
MC - Steven Lott
Audio/Visual Coordinator - Terry Temperly
Treasurer - Terry Temperly

 More photos are available here.



October 3, 4, 5 at West River Sailing Club; Galesville, MD

4800 Riverside Dr, Galesville, MD

(Approximately 38 50.80N, 76 32.22W Boat directions available upon request)

Monday 3 October

Crews arrive during the day; lunch on your own; boat visiting.

Dock Masters on duty to assist incoming boats - monitoring channels 16 and 69.

16:45 - Welcoming session.

17:00 - Social hour: cash beer and wine, snacks provided

18:00 - Supper provided

Tuesday 4 October

08:00 - Coffee and Continental breakfast provided

08:30 - Welcome/Introductions/Boat Card exchange

09:00 - Caribbean rallies - Hannah Gardner

10:00 - Field notes from the cruising fleet - CA Bowers

10:40 - State of the website  - Scott Lee

11:00 - Boat history and membership projects - Jeanie Lee

12:00 - Lunch provided, cash soft drinks

13:00 Boat visiting

13:30 - Bringing DC systems into compliance with ABYC standards - John Meskauskas

14:00 - Solar Panels and electrical budget - Steven Lott

14:40 - General topics — All (Q & A and short presentations)

16:00 - Scott Steele from Ullman Sails Annapolis

17:00 - Social hour: cash beer and wine, snacks provided

18:00 - Supper provided

Wednesday 5 October

08:00 - Coffee and Continental breakfast provided

09:00 - The Cruising Corner - Deb Temperly

09:30 - Rigging and update on Simbi - Gerry ODonoghue

10:30 - SailVac holding tank installation - Tony Navoy

10:40 - Main and mizzen roller furling - John Meskauskas

11:00 - General topics — All (Q & A and short presentations)

12:00 - Lunch provided, cash soft drinks

13:00 - Sales info and trends - CA Bowers

13:30 - Group photo on the lawn

14:00 - Whitby Brewer Sailboats Association business meeting

17:00 - Social hour: cash beer and wine, snacks provided

18:00 - Supper provided

19:30 - Cleanup

2016 Rendezvous boats