20th Association Rendezvous - October 7, 8 & 9 2013

A Huge Success



Group photo at 2013 Annual RendezvousThe Association holds a "sail-in" or "drive-in" rendezvous each year. All interested in Whitby and Brewer sail boats are invited to attend.

This year 44 attendees shared their enthusiasm for our Ted Brewer designed sailboats.  Folks arrived by both water and land.  Due to weather conditions, a few boats remained at the West River Sailing Club for several extra days.  According to John Cece, this was very enjoyable as it prolonged the get together.  Thank-you John for travelling to the Club to open the facility for our members.

The presentations focused on many areas of interest, from great places to visit, how to be comfortable while underway, to some maintenance topics.

Cindy Ann Bowers was elected President, replacing George Chamberlain.  Thanks to George for his guidanace last year and to Cindy for taking on the extra duties of coordinator for the group.

Gerry O'Donoghue spent countless hours arranging the event.  Great job Gerry! 

Many volunteers signed up to help complete the myriad of tasks involved with hosting an event this large.  Thanks to all who lent a hand!

Thanks also to all who participated for making this another great event.


October 5, 6, 7; West River Sailing Club; Galesville, MD
(Approximately 38 50.80N, 76 32.22W --  Boat directions available upon request)
Mon, Oct 5: 
  • boats/cars arrive during the day, lunch on your own; boat visiting.
  • Bob Smith of American Diesel Fame will be with our Dock Masters Team (Bill & Judy Speary, Tyler Gatchall, and Dave Bronson) Please introduce yourself and ask Bob or the team questions...show them your boat.
  • 4P to 6P - OPENING SESSION Program Discussion and Whitby Brewer Association MISSION (John Cece) Website status - (Greg Temple)   Burning Questions and Cool Tips (Terry and Deb Temperly) 10 Minutes
  • set up “nautical flea market” to sell your junque
  • 5P – social hour; drinks provided (please bring hors d’oeuvres)
  • 6P – potluck supper (ham,beans,drinks provided; please bring side dish) 
Tue, Oct 6:
  • 8A - continental breakfast
  • 9A - OPENING SESSION Program Discussion & WBS Assoc MISSION (John Cece) Website (Greg Temple)  Con't
  • 10A - "Insurance for Cruisers"   (Leslie Lyons)
  • 11:30A - Lunch, Boat Visiting
  • 12:30A - "DR in GPS Era" (Monti & Sara), Explorer Charts
  • 2P - "Fresh Water Head" (Doug Cotter)
  • 3P - "WIFI presentation" (Dalton Williams)
  • 4P - "Sails for Whitby/Brewer Sailboats" (Bob Gray)
  • 5P – social hour (all provided); boat visiting
  • 6P - supper provided
  • 7:30P - "Planning for a Cruise to a New Destination"  (Judy Speary)
Wed, Oct 7: 
  • 8A - Coffee Available
  • 8:30 A - Continental Breakfast Provided
  • 9:30A - "Use of the Galley" (Deb Temperly)
  • 10:30A - "Galvanic/Electrolytic Corrosion" (Paul Fleury)
  • 11:30A - Boat Visiting
  • MULTIPLE TRACKS HERE - Boat Visiting or join a FOCUS GROUP
  • 11:30A till 2P Focus Groups - Solar, Water, Fuel, Wind, Burning Issues and Cool Tips, Travel Tables
  • 12P - lunch & Website/Mission Statement (Greg Temple)
  • 1P - Boat Visiting
  • 2:00P - "Transmission" attch to engine, coupling to prop, alignment, gears, shifter(Terry Temperly)
  • 3P - Boat Visiting 
  • 4P- Question & Answer with (Doug Stevenson)
  • 5P – social hour
  • 6P – dinner
  • 7:30P – closing session Unfinished Business, Closing of Burning Questions and Cool Tips (Terry and Deb Temperly) ; followed by preliminary cleanup
Thu, 8 Oct: 8A -- coffee (no breakfast provided); CLEAN UP !!!
  • 9A - Boats/cars depart.
Photos are available here.