WBSA Sixteenth Rendezvous - October 5 - 7, 2009

 2009 marked the 16th year the Whitby - Brewer owners have met for the Association rendezvous.

 Our special thanks to the West River Sailing Club.  Because we chose to meet during the week so as not to interfere with their weekend sailing program, we were able to rent their facility for our use. This is a great venue which enables us to meet inside, and socialize outside when the weather co-operates, which it did so beautifully this year.

 For the record 16 boats were accommodated on the dock, rafted, or anchored out;   65 people registered, including some new members and a few who are looking for a Whitby or a Brewer.

Thanks are due to the Dock Masters, Judy and Bill Speary (“Janus”) and Bob Smith, American Diesel.  It is interesting to note that guests came from as far afield as Florida, Oregon and Canada, as well as locally.

 The organizing committee lined up an amazing and diversified group of speakers.  Thanks are due for their input and the time they took to answer our myriad of questions.  A copy of the Rendezvous Agenda follows.

 From the opening session and throughout the following days a great deal of association business took place.  We discussed, and drafted, a “Mission Statement,” as well as the format for the new website.  Both items were finalized and adopted.

 Also as part of the business meeting, we adopted a new name, “The Whitby Brewer Sailboat Association,” and established the position of Association Coordinator.  John Cece was appointed coordinator for the forthcoming year.  By a consensus of the majority present next year’s rendezvous will again be held prior to the United States Sailboat Show in October…, i.e., 4, 5, 6 October 2010.

 So wraps up another successful rendezvous. We remember well, the delicious food, great camaraderie and participation by everybody. Thanks should go out to a lot of people, too many to mention, but you know who you are, but one we should mention is Mary Cece.  The amount of time she spent organizing, shopping and making sure everything went smoothly cannot be imagined.

 One more thing - the new website is up and running.  We invite you to visit it and use it.

 Respectfully submitted:

 Doris Servais FOXFIRE II (W42 #174)

John Cece        MENEHUNE (W42 #195)

More photos are available here.



October 5, 6, 7; West River Sailing Club; Galesville, MD

Mon, Oct 5:

  • Boats/cars arrive during the day, lunch on your own; boat visiting.
  • Bob Smith (American Diesel) will join our Dock Masters (Bill & Judy Speary) 
  • Please introduce yourself; ask Bob or the team questions...show them your boat.
  • 4P to 6P - OPENING SESSION Program Discussion and Whitby Brewer Association MISSION (John Cece) Website status - (Greg Temple)   Burning Questions and Cool Tips (Terry and Deb Temperly) 10 Minutes
  • set up “nautical flea market” to sell your junque
  • 5P – social hour; drink provided (please bring hors d’oeuvres) ; door prizes
  • 6P – potluck supper (ham,beans,drinks provided; please bring side dish)

Tue, Oct 6:

  • 8A - continental breakfast
  • 9A - OPENING SESSION Program Discussion & WBS Assoc MISSION (John Cece) Website (Greg Temple)  Con't
  • 10A - "Insurance for Cruisers"   (Leslie Lyons)
  • 11:30A - Lunch, Boat Visiting
  • 12:30A - "DR in GPS Era" (Monti & Sara), Explorer Charts
  • 2P - "Fresh Water Head" (Doug Cotter)
  • 3P - "WIFI presentation" (Dalton Williams)
  • 4P - "Sails for Whitby/Brewer Sailboats" (Bob Gray)
  • 5P – social hour (all provided); boat visiting ; door prize drawing
  • 6P - supper provided
  • 7:30P - "Planning for a Cruise to a New Destination"  (Judy Speary)

Wed, Oct 7:

  • 8A - Coffee Available
  • 8:30 A - Continental Breakfast Provided
  • 10:30A - "Galvanic/Electrolytic Corrosion" (Paul Fleury)
  • 11:30A - Boat Visiting
  • MULTIPLE TRACKS HERE - Boat Visiting or join a FOCUS GROUP
  • 11:30A till 2P Focus Groups - Solar, Water, Fuel, Cool Tips, Travel Tables
  • 12P - lunch 
  • 1P - Boat Visiting
  • 2:00P - "Transmission" attach to engine, coupling to prop, alignment, gears, shifter(Terry Temperly)
  • 3P – Website/Mission Statement
  • 4P- Question & Answer with (Doug Stevenson)
  • 5P – social hour ; door prize drawing
  • 6P – dinner
  • 7:30P – closing session Unfinished Business, Closing of Burning Questions and Cool Tips (Terry and Deb Temperly) ; followed by preliminary cleanup
·         9:30A - "Use of the Galley" (Deb Temperly)

Thu, 8 Oct:

8A -- coffee (no breakfast provided); CLEAN UP !!!

9A - Boats/cars depart