Whitby Brewer Sailboat Association

We are a group of sailors who own, use or are interested in Ted Brewer-designed boats, primarily focused on Whitby Boat Works Whitby 42 and 55, Ft. Myers' Whitby 42, Brewer 42, 44, and 12.8. The goals of the all-volunteer Association are simple: learn, share and help others learn about, maintain, repair, sail and enjoy their Ted Brewer designed boats. 

  • You are invited to join and participate regardless of your experience level.
  • Joining is as simple as registering on this site and participating.
  • There are no dues, but donations support the maintenance of this website.
  • Check the Getting Together topic to meet up with local members.
  • Please abide by the Forum rules.

Our members include circumnavigators, cruisers, live-aboards and day-sailors. Members have rebuilt, repaired, replaced and upgraded all systems on these boats. There is almost no question that won't have an answer from a fellow member.

If you have questions about the Association or would like to become more involved, please contact us.