Books, Articles and Reviews featuring Whitby and Brewer Sailboats


Toronto Life: This couple gave up their Leslieville semi and moved into a sailboat (2021)


Cruising World: 40 Best Sailboats of All Time (2019)

The 40 best sailboats of all time. OF COURSE we made the list!


Blue Water Sailing: Cruising Guide to the Western Caribbean (2018)

by Bill Weigel on SV Alembic.


Practical Sailor Blog: A One Sided Defense of the Cruising Ketch (2018)

Props from Practical Sailor's blog about cruising ketches with special mention of Whitbys and Brewers!


Spinsheet: Whitby 42 Used Boat Review (2017)

General review of Whitby 42s as used boats.


Sail Magazine: Replacing a Keel Fuel Tank (2015)

Robert Strickland's article on replacing the center keel tank in his Whitby 42 Allegria.


Sail Magazine: Shafted in the Jumentos (2015)

Robert Strickland's article on replacing his prop shaft in the Bahamas on his Whitby 42 Allegria.


Cruising World: How to Paint Sailboat Decks (2013)

"New Life for Old Decks: A fresh coat of deck paint on your vintage classic-plastic cruiser will make the old gal sparkle and shine". Article by Tom Zydler featuring Janet Van Leuwen and Steve Van Wig's Whitby 42 Lunacy.


Blue Water Yachts: Whitby 42 (2013)

Overview of the Whitby 42 by R.J.


Sail Magazine: Life with Henry Strauss (2012)

Article about former Whitby 42 owner Henry Strauss.


Jordan Yachts: Brewer 44 Review (2012)

"Brewer 44 Review: Second Generation Whitby" by Richard Jordan.


Jordan Yachts: Ten Best Center Cockpit Two Stateroom Sailboats for Under $200,000 (2011)

Jordan Yachts ranks the Brewer 44 in it's top ten boats!


Good Old Boat: The First 10,000 Miles (2009)

Paul Denton tells what he’s learned as a circumnavigator aboard a 1982 Whitby 42 ketch.


Southwinds Magazine: The Whitby 42 (2008)

'One of the best-liked livaboard cruisers on the water'. Joe Corey's review featuring Lew and Deb Streeter's Whitby 42 Free n Clear.


The Next Port by Heyward H. Coleman (2007)

This book chronicles the Coleman's circumnavigation aboard their Brewer 44 Skimmer.

"Part travelogue, part inspirational treatise, The Next Port by Heyward H. Coleman is the adventure aficionados' brass ring. This engaging memoir shares one couple's five-year seafaring journey from Charleston South Carolina sailing 40,000 miles to visit 43 countries. Readers will enjoy a vicarious voyage that includes high-energy adventures, philosophical insights, and the spiritual journey the author and his wife made while sailing the high seas."


Good Old Boat: Whitby 42 (2005)

"A many-faceted boat known by many names" by Ed Lawrence.

Original source:


Used Boat Noteboook by John Kreschmer (2002)

"Benchmark center-cockpit cruising design gives you lots of boat for the buck."


Cruising World: The Roomy Whitby 42 (1998)

"Spacious and sturdy, this cruiser is no slouch when it comes to sailing performance. 'Classic Plastic' from Cruising World's May 1998 issue." By Tom Zydler


Canadian Yachting: Whitby 45 (1993)

Review of the Whitby 45 by Paul Howard. There were 19 of these built.


In Search of the Ultimate Cruiser (undated)

Interesting history and review of the Brewer 12.8 and the 'Original 8' who made it happen.