Installing a Composting Head

We are in the process of installing an AIR HEAD.  We had seen them at the Annapolis Boat Show a few years ago and we thought that their system was enviromentally safe and would give an alternative to the holding tank.

We found a system that was to be installed in another boat and the owner decided to keep his old system since the boat was being sold.  The installation is very straightforward.  We decided to use the aft head area.  The unit is larger than the old W&C and we added a 3/4" plywood platform, shaped to the unit base.  It takes up a few inches of space in the head that is not a problem.  The unit is higher than the old toilet and it takes a little getting used to.

Our primary concern was the separation of solids and fluids.  My wife reports "No Problem".  We have not completed the solid side intallation.  We will intall the vent pipe and run it up the locker in the area of the old hoses.  The outlet will be at the outside edge of the cockpit with a PVC pipe with an ELL facing aft, just below the cockpit coaming. A small computer fan connected to the vent pipe will mount in the locker in a small box and will push air out of the head.

We found that the service via e-mail was very good and informative.

So far, so good.

View their product  Cost should be under $1,200 for total