New Chainplate Specifications - S/V Nefertari

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New Chainplate Specifications - S/V Nefertari was created by Karl Leebelt
I am in the process of replacing all of the standing rigging on Nefertari, Hull 183, and after pulling all of the chainplates, I have decided to replace them due to age and varying amounts of corrosion. As I am doing this in the water, without pulling the masts, I have taken detailed measurements of each chainplate as it was pulled so I can either have someone fabricate them or order the stainless stock and fabricate myself.

The drawings were put together in Sketchup.

I adjusted some of the finish details such as radius on the ends and clevis pin location after doing some research on shear strength of stainless and the rigging pieces I plan to use to insure that my design is suitable for the rig. Nefertari has 1/4" rigging on everything except the Main Cap shrouds and Mizzen runners, these are 5/16" and 7/32" respectively.I have tried to outline the needs so I can have these quoted but also to document my efforts and thought that others might find this useful if they embark on this project. The bolt hole placement on the existing chainplates is not consistent, probably due to efforts from previous owners to match up to the support knees so I am trying to fabricate these with matching hole placement. Other hulls will likely be unique as well.

Welcome any feedback or questions, if you want to contact me, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Chainplates looked pretty bad when pulled. Much prettier once cleaned up but corrosion is definitely evident and as chainplates are 20+ years old, I feel much safer replacing them. Crevice corrosion can be mostly hidden until failure.

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2 weeks 8 hours ago #3577 by Gino & Carolyn Del Guercio
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You might consider synthetic rigging. I installed dyneema dux on my Brewer 44 and love it. Far more DIY friendly, lighter and stronger than steel and not prone to corrosion. Lots of information and source of fittings on the Colligio web site.   

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