Vetus Steering system

11 years 2 months ago #1425 by Bryan Haas
When I purchased my boat, Hull 120 (old name Slow Poke), it was being rebuilt, so most of it was taken apart, including the engine room. I am trying to reinstall the Vetus Hydraulic steering system but the parts I have don't match any of the diagrams. I know many people don't like the Hydraulic system, some love it, etc... But I am at a point where I have to go the quickest and simplest and cheapest route. So if my parts work, I will reinstall them.

What is confusing me is the reservoir tank. it was mounted in the Port cockpit locker, and was apparently part of the Hydraulic system. When I got to it, all lines were gone, So I don't know where I attach it to.

Anybody have the same system and knows where everything attaches? email me and I can send you pictures of my parts.

An auto pilot pump (three tubes)
Green box, Dual non return valve (8 connections)
Helm pump (2 connections)
Tank (2 connections)

Problem is, I have an odd number of connections.....

And somewhere I think there should be a bypass valve for the emergency tiller.

Any help would be great!
Bryan Haas

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