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12 years 6 months ago #984 by David Groves
Boat Stands was created by David Groves
Hi All,

Does anybody have a set of sailboat stands that fit a Whitby 42? Mostly want the dimensions or models necessary.

"Shamal" with David and Hallie aboard has made it to Baddeck, Nova Scotia. We seem to have missed summer, so are contemplating wintering over somewhere nearby. We would need to use boat stands as we don't want to ship the massive cradle from Ontario. This might mean buying a set, but not sure of the size range to get. Assuming that 5 feet 6 inches plus a foot of blocking would put the pads near the waterline as recommended, but would hate to get her in the slings with the wrong size stands.

David and Hallie Groves
W42 #321 "Shamal"

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12 years 6 months ago #985 by George Chamberlain
Replied by George Chamberlain on topic Re:Boat Stands
There's a selection tool on the Brownell web page, and what they recommend agrees with how the boatyard blocked my boat last winter:

Length: 36' - 45' Beam: 11' - 20' Draft: 4'6" - 5'9"
Shopping List
(8) SB-1 Sailboat Stand SB-1 - 64"-79"/163cm-206cm range
(1) SB-1V Sailboat Stand - V-Top SB-1V - 64"-79"/163cm-206cm range
(4) CHAIN12 Safety Chain - 3/16" x 12' (.9cm x 365cm)

All recommendations assume that the boat is blocked 16" from the ground.

They used 3 wood blocks along the keel, it might have been a little less than 16" off the ground, but close enough.


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