Boat Search Hull #193

11 years 8 months ago - 11 years 7 months ago #1257 by David Turko
I am trying to locate a Whitby 42 that My friend Bruce Johnson and I co-owned. We took delivery of it in August 1982 from the Witby Boat Works in Ontario. We gave her the funny name of Scugog (because of the so named lake near the boat works). Thanks to Doug Stephenson's help I determined that the hull number was 193 based on the launch date (Aug. 5th, 1982). We kept the boat in the Detroit area. We sold it to an art dealer from Vail, Colorado sometime in 1984. I know that this is a longshot but I would like to know if she is still out there somewhere. The photo was taken in Buffalo, NY in 1983. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Dave Turko
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