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7 years 11 months ago #1543 by George Chamberlain
Report Out from the 2013 Rendezvous was created by George Chamberlain
Hello All,
Just wanted to offer this “brief” wrap up of the Rendezvous. Lots to cover, so it may not be short, but I will try to keep it brief.
We had great presentations this year, and the “theme” of “Where do you cruise, and what do you do there?” was a hit. I heard lots of people talking about new ideas for where they wanted to go, heavily influenced by the cruising grounds highlights from other Whitby owners. And there were other helpful presentations on projects, how to keep the galley simple and functional, how to document your adventures (blogging), how to get pets in and out of the island (legally!), owners' recommendations on marine insurance, and several more. Thanks to all the members who participated and made the presentations, as always, the most useful part of the Rendezvous. Not all the presentations used slides – several just used a projection of the coastal charts for the area under discussion, which worked out really well. The slides for the other presentations will be posted on the website soon.
We had the event catered! Genius suggestion (perhaps by Gerry?) and flawless execution (by Cindy Ann, and our caterer Holly Clark). This took the burden of provisioning and preparing the food off the shoulders of the attendees, and allowed all of us the freedom to contribute and benefit from the program. As Cindy Ann mentioned on Facebook, we’ll have the first evening meal catered next year as well, instead of pot luck, and that will be even better.
The tradeoff for the catering was that the registration fee was higher - $100 per person, where it used to be only $40 or so. But that did not seem to deter people from attending, and as many pointed out, the price was not unaffordable. And it is well worth the investment for the information that you get as an attendee. If one of the presentations saves you $100 in troubleshooting an electrical problem, or an electronics installation, or an engine malfunction, then you’ve made your money back, and you had fun in the meantime.
During the business meeting, I advanced the idea that the event needs to be kept "cost neutral" – we did not draw at all on the association’s funds to put on the Rendezvous. There have been suggestions that we should have other Rendezvous’ in other places, and we all agreed that would be a great idea – but if we are in the habit of spending Association funds on the Chesapeake Rendezvous, or any similar Rendezvous, then we will quickly deplete the bank account. And since we have no dues, and so no income stream, we would put the website at risk. We recognized at the business meeting that the WBS Website is the one asset that we have that supports all of the Whitby and Brewer Sailboat owners and Association Members, including those who are unable to attend a Rendezvous. And so we need to be good stewards of the bankbook, to ensure the continued operation of the website.
The final topic I’ll report on is the discussion on Club Officers and term limits. We don’t have written bylaws, and so we don’t have a formal system of succession and Change of Watch, like most Yacht Clubs have. It’s a little daunting to be elected as “president” when the term is an indefinite length of time. (It was for me, and it turns out many of the Rendezvous attendees have been there, too, in other Yacht Clubs.) So we agreed that the club officers will serve for one year, with the opportunity to renew at the annual Rendezvous. This year, Cindy Ann from Red Ranger relieved me as President (thanks!) – and at the 2014 Rendezvous, she’ll let us know in the first "Welcome" session if she wants to continue, or seek relief. In the business meeting at the Rendezvous conclusion, we can (a) let the current president continue, or (b) have a runoff between the incumbent and any challengers, or (c) ask for a volunteer to relieve the incumbent (with a vote if there is more than one volunteer). It’s a lot more doable for the volunteer if he or she knows they won’t be the Commodore for Life! (That was my honorary title at the Fort Belvoir Yacht Club, where I was Commodore for 7 years…) The same rules for continuation/ relief will be observed for all club offices. And this makes sense – we own cruising sailboats, and so we need the flexibility to make plans for extended absences from the group. And this flexibility extends to the club officers as much as anyone else.
As the outgoing President, I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to the real heavy lifters who made the Rendezvous happen this year:
To Gerry, who volunteered to head up the Rendezvous back in May. Thank you Gerry, for giving us such a great head start. I got lots of kudos for such a great program, and those kudos rightfully belong to you.
To Cindy Ann, for taking on the catering contract. This was the single biggest change in the format, and it was a huge success due to your efforts.
To Steven, our head bartender, for providing the necessary lubrication for enthusiastic boat visiting and a great social hour.
To Dale, for taking such good care of the dockmaster responsibilities. I heard no complaints about electricity and water, and we had more boats coming and going, with the wind and weather challenges, than I can recall from previous years. But you kept everyone happy and safe on the docks.
To John, our host at the West River Sailing Club. Thanks once again for hosting us at such a great facility and for making us feel so welcome. And for your many years of leadership - you gave me a very easy template to follow for success, and you have made the Rendezvous something that we look forward to all year long.

And finally, congratulations and thank you to Cindy Ann, our new leader! And likewise, to Joe Fonseca, who volunteered to be her First Assistant, and to Terry Temperly, who agreed to continue as Treasurer. You can count on my support in the coming year, and years.

George Chamberlain
1976 Whitby 42 #80

He who will not risk cannot win.

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7 years 11 months ago #1544 by Cindy Ann Bowers
Replied by Cindy Ann Bowers on topic Report Out from the 2013 Rendezvous
Thanks for the report! (saves me from writing it up). I look forward to launching some smaller meet ups in other locations and leveraging social media tools to encourage the community of Whitby/Brewer owners. On Twitter, see the hashtag #whitby42 and on Facebook, join the group Whitby 42 Yachts. This website remains our central information repository, but using any tools we can to share our talents and experience will foster community. Whitby/Brewer enthusiasts (former owners, current owners and prospective owners) are a fantastic group of people!

S/V Red Ranger

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7 years 11 months ago #1545 by Hannah Gardner
Replied by Hannah Gardner on topic Report Out from the 2013 Rendezvous
Hear. Hear! Good job one and all. Congrats to Cindy Ann and Joe, huge thanks to George and Gerry, and a bow down to John, the best of us all. Fair winds, Hannah

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