Whitby/Brewer Sailboat Assn: change in management

8 years 11 months ago #1356 by John Cece
WBS Assn: change in management:

At the recent 2012 Rendezvous, we (having sold MENEHUNE), requested to be relieved of our WBS Assn duties. Further, we stated that it was time for others to take the reins of the organization. Those assembled at the business meeting thanked us and, after some discussion, the following folks agreed to assume the responsibilities of the Whitby/Brewer Sailboat Assn:

President: George Chamberlain (s/v INDEFATIGABLE)
Treasurer: Terry Temperly (s/v ISLAND TIME)

Webmaster/web designer: Greg Temple (s/v MY DESTINY)
Web Super Administrator: John Cece (….and retiring)
Web Administrators: Scott Lee (s/v JOIE DE VIVRE)
Cindy Ann Bowers (s/v RED RANGER)
Deborah Streeter (….and retiring)

We encourage your support for our new leaders. We know that they will appreciate your volunteering to help and support the organization.

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank those who have been so supportive of the WBS Assn and its activities. We thank our rendezvous team who helped over the past seven years, or so: Virginia Rankin Nurco (s/v MORNING MIST) for providing hot drinks, especially the early morning coffee; Ted & Alice Schimpff (s/v WIND SONG) for providing cold drinks; and, Terry Temperly for handling our audio/visual support. Without their unselfish help the rendezvous (plural) would not have been successful. We thank Greg Temple for designing and producing the website and Deborah Streeter for administering it over the years.

And, of course, we thank “…y’all…” each and every one of you… who supported, and took part in the activities, and participated in the use and growth of our organization and its website.

Our sincere thanks,

John & Mary Cece

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