Thanks for a great rendezvous

9 years 11 months ago #1057 by Hannah Gardner
Thanks for a great rendezvous was created by Hannah Gardner
This is a note of thanks from Judy Horst, which she asked me to upload:

Hello W/B Sailors,
I had hoped to read this note of thanks to John and Mary Cece at the closing business meeting of the Whitby Brewer Rendezvous, but unfortunately Fred and I needed to hoist our sails and head for home. It truly was another enriching experience being with all of you and I hope to see you again in the future.
Here is the note.
Lend me your ear and listen to what you can hear as it is "confirmation time" of the year.
It is a confirmed fact that as a W/B owner the best thing you could have done was to hoist your anchor and bring your boat and body to the West River Yacht Club. Registered guests for this year's rendezvous became part of an extremely well traveled, experienced and well-heeled group.
It is time to confirm that our personal "Captain" John Cece is a phenomenal leader and organizer. He does it all!!! He arranges for the use of the WRYC, manages the registration, organizes the program and speakers, leads us through the housekeeping, business and financial details with finesse and superb sensitivity to our needs and then delivers all this with a delightful demeanor and sense of humor. Captain Cece -- we salute you!
"Magnificent Mary," our galley gal and guru, could give our government a lesson or two on money management and what to do. She has planned menus, watched for specials, baked, shopped, and purchased foods, utensils, plates and beverages for 50+ and accomplished this feat at an unbelievably "cheap" cost to each of us. Mary, to you we all execute a deep and grateful bow.
It is a confirmed fact that we were able to dine on delectables prepared by each of you, "our world class well traved" sailor/chefs who willingly shared culinary expertise from the prep stage thru the clean up stage even including "stop the sink" stage.
It is a confirmed fact that the world has gone high tech and the W/B sailing club is also high tech thanks to the efforts of several computer savvy members who have organized the website, helped us to set a course to navigate the plethora of information available on our vessels and we coached us on where to send our "press releases" with pics on our latest innovations.
It is a confirmed fact that after having enjoyed presentations on a most diverse selection of topics and speakers (both within our group and outside) that the Frick and Frack Car Facts Show has come to the WRYC and been renamed the Whitby Brewer Boat Facts Show. You describe the problem and we'll provide the solution!
It is a confirmed fact that John and Mary are our leaders, but without each of you making contributions this rendezvous would not be a vibrant, growing, learning and enriching experience for all of us. Thank you -- each of you.
Please take a moment and look around
See those friends whom you have known for years, they are the "golden ones"; identify those you have recently met, they are the "silver ones". With these friends we have shared chuckles and even belly laughs and we have experienced moisture and tears in our eyes as we remembered those no longer with us. The friendships we have forged within this select membership are unique, they have improved our sailing savvy, wizened our ways, helped us build our levels of confidences and are now helping us navigate with new and improved skills.
And finally, it is a confirmed fact that this 2011 Whitby Brewer Rendezvous will soon be culminating and we'll all be departing. Whatever direction you plan to travel, I am closing with these words by paraphrasing Garrison Keillor: "Be well, do good work, sail safely, and keep in touch"


Judy Horst

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9 years 11 months ago #1058 by Lisa Cornelius
Replied by Lisa Cornelius on topic Re: Thanks for a great rendezvous
Hear, hear! Hear, hear! Hear, hear!
Thanks Captain John and Admiral Mary

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