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Every fishing trawler has a plate rudder. I suppose the racers would tell you that it would not work. But at the speed we travel, shape has little to do with the lift you get. I made it bigger, like the rudder that broke. After about two years, I cut an inch off the back edge, the autopilot likes it better now and it is still bigger than the stock rudder was.
Anytime you try to bond fiberglass and metal, then put it underwater, you must expect it to fail at some point. I think all the Canadian Whitby rudders were weak in their construction. (and size)
The only drawback is that stainless does not like to hold bottom paint. But its the biggest ground on the boat.
As for backing, I think it steers pretty good backing. I have a Maxi prop. At slow (or no) speed, it will not turn into the wind, but it will back anywhere you want it. Practice makes you look better.
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12 years 7 months ago #993 by Cheryl & Jack Martin
Subject: Rudder Mold... ZIG~ZAG
Response to Gerry about getting together 20 Whitby owners. Good idea! But take it one step farther and address cause of the problem, the rudder stock. Al Walker at Foss Foam Products also can manufacture rudder stocks. Can anyone supply a drawing of a modified rudder stock and get it to Foss Foam Products so he can give us a cost estimate? Regards, Jack - ZIG~ZAG Hull #227

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12 years 7 months ago #1000 by Larry Donaldson
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On the rudder issue I have just had a new stock built from stainless and we just matched the old shape. One issue that will come up is the allignment of the bottom pin to the mounted rudder shoe. The new stock and the pin at the bottom of the new rudder must be in perfect allignment for everything to work. If it is not it will be very difficult to realign the shoe as the bolts are drilled and tapped into the fiberglass of the keel. Filling and redoing these to allign a complete new rudder would be very tricky. I was using the original clam-shells that were cleaned out. We installed the new rudder stock in the boat and alligned the pin to the installed shoe, then bonded the half to the rudder stock in situ. We have then bonded the other half to the assembly, we did that on the ground using my truck as a press to clamp the two halfs together. All went well and the rudder will be reinstalled today and the fairing will begin. If you still feel drawing will help I can take the dimensions off the broken rudder post and get them to you. Let me know.


Larry Donaldson
S/V Star Shadow
Whitby 42, Hull#333

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12 years 7 months ago #1001 by Gerry O'Donoghue
Replied by Gerry O'Donoghue on topic Re:Rudder Mold....
Firstly, let me thank everyone who has contributed to this discussion.

Secondly, I wish to state that I have no vested interest in the production or otherwise of this mold, except as a Whitby 42 owner. My rudder is the original small size and having checked the stock it appears to be sound.

Thirdly, can I ask John C. if this item could be put on the agenda for the forthcoming Rendezvous in an effort to bring this proposal to a conclusion, one way or the other. I am not able to attend but would be happy to submit my opinion in writing if that would be acceptable. I expect that the establishment of a rudder "steering committee" / study group (ha ha) would be one possible outcome.



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