repairing center board pin on brewer 12.8

11 years 1 month ago #1454 by tom jones
capns: we are in final stages of a major refit of our 12.8 brewer centerboard cutter. If anyone has replaced/repaired the centerboard pin, what steps did you take to do so. thanks in advance.

Tom Jones
Blue Trust (formerly Bluejacket)
Annapolis MD

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11 years 1 month ago #1455 by Peter Garsoe
easy.. boat on blocks high enough to drop board... drill out bearing.. measure hole and pin (inspect pin is in good condition) ...a local plastics company will have a delrin rod ...drill to fit board hole and pin both with a "light interference fit".... this fit ensures correct tightness... no movement in pin or board so saves wear... will require "light" heavy hammer rod into board, replace board into trunk, locate holes (helpful to use a locating pin from the opposite side of pin insertion), start pin and "drive" home (some silicone grease helpful)... use some material to protect pin from deforming and smaller rod to finish driving dome)... reinstall plugs (probably 1/2" drive, new available from local chandlery) paying attention what you use to "lock in plugs"... they can back out and don't ask how i know!!)...while board out is is useful to inspect lifting points for loosening/corrosion and replace also the lines...also good opportuniy to refinish board itself... look for cracks...

big problem... does anyone have any idea how to keep board from banging?... i don't use mine because of that... thinking of putting a "wedge" for the board to drop into when lowered...if you look at it underwater it deflects like a wing... naturally....

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