Brewer 12.8 bulkheads and deck

12 years 1 week ago #1210 by Barry Ellery
I recently purchased a 12.8 and am currently upgrading for an East to West Atantic crossing. I was disappointed to find the starboard
chainplate knee to have a partially rotten core. This problem has caused some stress cracks on the starboard bulwark and perhaps was also
partially causing the bulkheads on the forward head to have cracked FRP where the bulkheads are seemingly screwed (only?)to the deck.
I am considering installing a full bulkhead ar the forward head. The bulkhead would have an arched opening and would link the head (port)bulkhead to the locker bulkhead on starboard. This may put off my concerns re the structure, I also encountered only chopped strand matt linking th bulwarks to the deck . Can anyone share info on their experience re. these issues?

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12 years 5 days ago - 12 years 5 days ago #1213 by Gerry O'Donoghue
Hi Goodhope

The deafening silence seems to be a good thing. It would appear that no owner had to do the rebuild that you envision.

My boat was built in Canada and is a W42 so there may be significant differences in how the chain-plates were supported. In the case of the main upper chain-plate on TIH the support is a heavily laid up knee which is NOT connected to the head bulkhead. There is little or no sign of rot. The forward lower chain-plate is connected to a knee about midway in the heads.

If your attachment point is part of a bulkhead which has rotted then I see some digging in your future, followed by replacing the core (heavily epoxied marine ply or coosa board would be on my list) followed by a few layers of woven matt fiberglass. If you are not well versed in fiberglass I would recommend getting advice from someone smarter than me.

Ref the deck to hull connection (this has been beaten to death). If I had any concerns, which I don't, I would run a series of bolts through the teak toe rail and bolt it down at 6" intervals for the first 1/4 of the boat length.

The full bulkhead idea is interesting but I might tackle a lot of other projects first, battery security, securing lockers, fuel filtering etc.

If you want to send me some photos at whitby42 at I will be happy to discuss with some of my "expert" friends. Keep in mind that free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it.


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12 years 1 day ago #1227 by Roy Belcher
Just my two cents worth, but I have very high confidence in Gerry's advice. TIH seems to be getting a first class re-fit.

Roy B.
S/V Serenade

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