Bow Pulpit and Other

12 years 2 weeks ago #1209 by Pat McGuire
All, I posted on the facebook site, but I have become a small partner in a fabrication shop for aviation and oilfield, and it looks like we can build bow pulpits. I have the waterjets and plasma machines, but have access to welders and benders. Gregg Hoffman said he was quoted $5-$6K, but preliminarily it looks like I can do it for $2,400-$2,800, using 1 and 2 inch schedule 40 304 stainless, and King Starboard or Seaboard. The more orders I turn in, the lower the cost due to amortizing machine setup, CAD drawings, and CNC programming. I haven't priced out all the fittings and small parts, but it should still be in this range, unless I am truly missing something. We can do stainless shafts, chainplates, ladders, mast pulpits, etc., so if we want to save on these items as a group or get some good designs (Ted Brewer will sell me the pulpit design), I will do what I can to help everyone out. Working on an underwater type aluminum that we can use for radar arch and davits that should be significantly less than I have been quoted. Anyway, everything up for discussion. I am in Oklahoma, so shipping cost may be involved, but weight of pulpit should be around 60 lbs. or so.

Pat, S/V Fair Isle, Hull #60

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