Active Blogs and Vlogs


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SV Alembic (Hull #210)

    Bill’s blog: Alembic Adventures - thoughts we wish to share as we sail Alembic

    Helen’s blog: Insights and Advice for a Life Afloat


SV Allegria (Hull #199)

Dee and Molly's Whitby cruising blog


SV Akupara (Hull #72)

Captain Derrick's 1976 Whitby Hull #74 refit


SV Galapagos

Follow the big sister to the Whitby - an Olympic Adventure 47


SV Gratitude (Hull #284)

Follow Van and Lauren on their Brewer 44.


SV Joie de Vivre (Hull #88)

Follow Scott & Jeanie as they sail the US, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and beyond.


SV Kopelia (Hull #5)

Watch the renovation as Kimber and Greg rebuild SV Kopelia.


SV Mary Christine (Hull #205)

Follow Pete and Jody where the coconuts grow, in search of surf, sun, sand & serenity.


SV Mizz Fitz (Hull #333)

Share John's adventures.


SV Morning Star

Watch Capt'n Ev sail the world's oceans.


SV Northern Reach (Hull #308)

Watch Talia and Michel head towards the adventure.


SV Dreamtime (Hull #191) and Vlog

Follow Karen and Rob on an extended cruise in the South Pacific and Asia.


SV Pilgrim (Hull #304)

Jane and Brian share their experiences aboard the Whitby 42, Pilgrim, crossing the Atlantic and exploring Europe.


SV Providence 

See Trevor's new ride.


SV Red Ranger (Hull #188)

Steve and Cindy Ann renovate and sail SV Red Ranger on the US East Coast.


Windtraveler (Hull #290)

Former Whitby owners (SV Asante), now sailing a Hallberg Rassy 46.


Inactive blogs - useful for inspiration and technical details.


SV Always Saturday (Hull #248)

SV BAMM II (Hull #5)

SV Bombora (Hull #194)

SV Dream Ketcher (Hull #177)

SV Fracas (Hull #158)

SV Hold Fast (Hull #175)

SV Kwitcherbitchen (Hull #81)

SV Lady Hawk (Hull #279)

SV Lady Josephine (Hull #8 or 9?)

SV Lion's Paw (Hull #315)

SV Little Dutch (Hull #322)

SV Maggie Drum (Hull #114)

SV Northern Phoenix (Hull #120)

SV Ocean Dove (Hull #328)

SV Ocean Wings (Hull #3 Whitby 55)

SV Rovenkind II (Hull #312)

SV Seabiscuit (Hull #130)

SV Salt Whistle)

SV Sea Lady (Hull #231)

SV Selah (Hull #243)

SV Sinbad (Hull #134)

SV Simbi aka The Incredible Hull (Hull #98)

SV Star Shadow (Hull #333)

SV Tribute (Hull #252)

SV Uhane

SV Windreka III (Hull #309)