Ports and Portlight Discussion from Yahoo list 11/30/2008


From Jock Macrae:

Can anyone tell me who the supplier is for the portlights on the Whitby 42's. Mine are getting old and I need to replace a couple. Seems to me, and I think this may be a shock to some people, but I think they were made by "Fuller Brush" Corp.


From Roland Gibson:


I used the Becksons (plastic ones) they are inexpensive and good as long as you don't follow their instructions to install them with silicone (!).  I used Sikaflex and it was ok.  I replaced them all and replaced also the fixed portholes on the sides of the kitchen and chart table.  I had the aluminum frames chromed and used Butyle to caulk them, much better than Sikaflex for this job. 


From Nick ChaneySV Caribbeansoul Brewer 42 #24:


http://www.atkinshoyle.com/ http://www.newfoundmetals.com/


From Debi Shamas:


I think the trend is for Whitby owners to change out their port
lights for stainless steel ones from ??? (I forget the name but I am
sure someone will weigh in with it).

But if you want to stick with the original type go to the following.
We used them to replace all of the screens for our original (still in
good shape) port lights.

PO Box 1200
South West Street
Charlestown, NH 03603
tel: (603) 826 5791
fax: (603) 826-4125

From Greg Temple:

f you are interested, there are installation photos for the New Found Metals stainless steel ports posted on:

To navigate the menu tree at http://WhitbyBrewerSailboats.com Photo Galleries->Maintenance, Repairs, Upgrades & Additions->Cockpit, Deck,Port Enhancements->Ports

We replaced the Beckson ports several years ago and are very happy with theNFM ports - each time we open or close a port! The screens could fit better but that seems the only drawback. They were reasonably simple to install and now I understand you can borrow or rent a template from NFM that makes the job easier. NFM also has a plastic version that a few Whitby Brewer owners have opted for.

There may be some used Beckson ports sitting in a member's storage that could provide lenses or other parts. How about it? We moved old ports around for a couple of years before dropping them off at a consignment shop in Annapolis.