Isomat and Cinkel(?) Mast, Boom and Spreader Sizes

I came across several Isomat mast, boom and spreader sizes.  Take them with a grain of salt until you verify which section you have. 

My Destiny is a bowsprit Whitby 42 and her mast and boom are Cinkel manufactured versions of Isomat "designs." 

Having the mast sections has been useful to me several times in the past and I thought other's may benefit with the caveat that YOU MUST verify what is on your boat.  I'm aware the Canadian built Whitbys had two different rigs during their term of manufacture.  I have no idea what Ft. Myers may have installed.

My experience is that Cinkel varies dramatically from Isomat when it comes to fittings, so double checking is a must! And the the good news is that there may be replacement parts available if you're lucky.

Check out RigRite's web pages for more info, although I've found Charleston Spars to be less expensive and more willing to discuss my needs.


Isomat Mast Sections