This summer I replaced all the steering cables, chain, and fittings on Ocean Dove's Pull-Pull steering system. I had noticed some broken strands in the wire cable at the turning pulleys on the steering stand (watch for this). One of the conduit end fittings was cracked and was replaced. After I removed the old chain, I did a droop test by holding the chain at one end on its side and see how far down the other end droops. This is a indication of the amount of wear between the chain links and rollers. When I compared the old chain with the new chain there was a noticeable differences.

 Edson Kit
Chain & Wire Kit - 2B2D26
Roller Chain Size: 5?8” - #50
Connector Type: Stainless Clevis #635
Length of Chain: 2’/.6 m
Diameter of Wire: 1/4"/6.4 mm
Length of Wire Rope: 26’/8 m

The Edson website have some good pdf files

S-421.pdf Whitby 42 Pull-Pull system

EB372SteeringInspection.pdf Steering Inspection

EB381SteeringGuide.pdf Steering Guide

Ed. Notes: Edson is very good with their phone support.  They have knowledgeable and friendly personnel.  The steering Inspection form Derek mentions is excellant.  Their catalog is quite good also.

Edson recommends "Super Lube" silicone grease on the cables.  It is available in an 8-12 oz. tub from many sources for about the price charged by Edson for a couple of ounces.  We use it for many purposes in addition to the steering system.

Take a look at the "in-line" grease fittings Edson sells.  They allow grease to be added periodically, at locations other than the end of the cables.  They're a pain to install as a retrofit but worth it in the long run.

I have also been told by several seemingly informed folks that the cable Edson sells can be purchased from local sources (well stocked hardware stores) for a fraction of the price charged by Edson, but as in substituting for any manufacturer's parts, Caveat Emptor.  Greg Temple, My Destiny W42 #313