Note: because of change in the WRSC liquor license, all alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the WRSC; no “outside” alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the WRSC site.

Costs: Members: $100/person (if registered on WBS)

Mooring Fee (flat fee): $15/boat @ pier (flat fee)

Please make reservations via e-mail, and mail the following reservation form with a check, in advance. All checks must be received no later than 20 Sept…….if later than 20 Sept, please include a $10 late fee. Thanks.



Name:_____________________________ Boat name:___________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________


Phone: _______________________ E-mail:_____________________________


No. coming:____ By boat?___ By car?____ When? _____________________


Check enclosed: $______ Please pay by check….easier than handling cash.

Please include name, purpose and amount on checks (payable to: John Cece)