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The following are companies and individuals who have either provided satisfactory goods and services in the past, have useful web links or who have asked to work with the Whitby / Brewer group. We have indicated the group member's name for reference where available.

If you would like to add an entry send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As always, you're on your own, so buyer beware.

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  • Bowsprit

Tops in Quality (Scott Lee 10/17/2012)

  • Bronze Castings (Tiller Arm, Plumbing, Steering, Drivetrain)

Buck Algonquin - While researching a replacement tiller arm on the internet, I came across this company. I have no experience with them or their products, although they look promising as a resource for some hard to find items. (Greg Temple 12/5/12)


  • Center Board

Tony Pocklington runs a business called Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage in FLA.  In 2013 he made a board for another guy (Ted) who lost his when the pin fell out.  I got the following info from Ted, but have not emailed or called Tony since he made my new board for me in 2005.  His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  phone = 941-828-0216 (Terry Temperly 1/21/14)


  • Compass Repair

East Coast Compass
1 Queen Anne Avenue
Cambridge, MD 21613
Phone: 410-463-0325
(Al Hales on Phoenix)



  • Onboard Email Providers

Sailmail Sailmail is a private subscription service that uses the protocols and software utilized by the similar Ham service, Winlink 2000 (WL2K). Reliable but slow, the service assembles many corollary services such as position reporting, text weather forecasts and grib file specification and download. (Greg Temple)

  • Engine Parts and Advice

Ford Lehman: American Diesel Corp 804.435.3107 Founder Bob Smith was a generous resource for Whitby and Brewer owners. His son, Brian, now runs the business in Kilmarnock VA. (CA Bowers - updated 2017)

Perkins and Westerbeke: Trans Atlantic Diesels 800-927-9295 TA has been prompt and helpful for Perkins and Westerbeke parts (Greg Temple)

Engine mounts: Thermoboat - (Scott Lee 15 Sep 2012)



  • Gaskets: (see also "Original Port Gasket Material"; see also "Refrigeration Gaskets") McMaster-Carr has all sorts of gaskets made of a variety of materials. (Deedee Cheek, B44, Miller Time, 7 Oct 2012)
  • Generators

Westerbeke Generators - Broward Armature These folks have supplied several of us with rebuilt generator "electrical" ends. Way less expensive than using replacement Westerbeke to keep your red beast running. (Greg Temple)

Westerbeke Generators - I tried to call Westerbeke, at great expense and inconvenience from the Bahamas, I never found a live person to talk to. Apparantly sold on the advantages of placing their customers into an endless loop phone tree, I finally "got the message" that WBeke only wants to work with their distributors - so you may as well call TA Diesels for engine parts. (Greg Temple)



  • Insurance

Offshore Risk Management 





  • Magazines

Good Old Boat - Many articles specifically addressing the maintenance of an older boat. (Greg Temple)

Practical Sailor - Reviews of equipment and gear. (Greg Temple)





  • Stainless Steel and Plastic Replacement Ports

New Found Metals Many have replaced their plastic Beckson ports with stainless steel ports from NFM. I replaced My Destiny's ports five years ago and have been happy with them. Screens could fit tighter. Installation was straight forward. (Greg Temple)

  • Original Port Gasket Material

McMaster-Carr  If you have the original aluminum ports and just need to replace the gasket material you can get a roll of 100 feet from this company for a VERY reasonable price. This is enough to do all the ports, twice. The part number is 8605K43. (Deborah Streeter)

  • Prop Lock has the original caliper brake assemblies. (Scott Lee added 2014-01-28)




  • Refrigeration:

Frigaboat: Coastal Climate Control

R Parts:

Refrigeration gaskets (see also Gaskets): Brewer 44, gasket for the lower fridge door that is flush with the cabinet: McMaster-Carr Item number 93085K87 – Foam Rubber Bulb Seal, style 8. ½” width ¼” height – and the height is the big one for this application. On the website, enter the item # as a key word, and it will load the page with the gasket info. (Deedee Cheek 8 Oct 2012; B-44, Miller Time)
  • Rigging: Mast, Boom, Spreader and Fittings Suppliers

Charleston Spar - Source for Isomat parts. (Greg Temple)

RigRite - Source for Isomat parts. (Greg Temple)

  • Riggers


  • Sail Boat Hardware

Garhauer Marine Hardware, Less expensive and well built marine hardware. All the items I've purchased have been very well made and have performed their intended uses. I've also seen their hardware on many Whitbys and Brewers so I conclude my opinion is shared by others. Garhauer sells factory direct and their staff is very helpful on the phone. (Greg Temple)

  • Sails

Bacon Sails

  • Stainless Stanchions, Pulpits

Tops in Quality were the source for many Whitby 42 stainless parts. I'm not sure if Ft. Myers used their hardware but it's worth a call. (Greg Temple)

  • Spars

Klacko Spars Ltd Source for many Whitby main masts in the 70s. 663 Third Line Oakville, ON L6L 4A9 Phone: 905.825.0015 Fax: 905.825.5353 (Scott Lee 10 Feb 2012)

  • Steering

Seatech Marine Grade Products has hydraulic steering parts and a technical reference manual for hynautic steering systems. (Scott Lee 19 Jan 2012)

Teleflex Marine has hydraulic steering parts and web-based FAQ. May have some parts for Hynautic Steering. (604-270-6899 Canada). (John Cece 20 Jan 2012)

Lewis Marine in Fort Lauderdale, FL for parts for the steering (Hynautic, which is now SeaStar). They require a tax exempt number to buy direct from them, but they do have several retail outlets in Greenport, NY, Charleston, SC, Edenton, NC, Cocoa, FL, Stuart, FL, Ft Lauderdale, FL. Any Marine store or boat yard could also order from them. 220 SW 32nd Street Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315. Domestic Sales: (954) 523-4371. Toll Free: (800) 327-3792 (Scott Lee 20 Jan 2012)

Southern Charm has a large inventory of Hynautic parts. They service all hydraulic steering systems. Call 1-800-745-0765, and talk to Pat…she will help you through your troubleshooting, and parts, as well as repair if you desire. Their plant is: Southern Charm; 6240 105th Terrace N; Pinellas Park, FL 33782. (John Cece 31 Jan 2012)

The repair shop recommended to me by Teleflex for Hynautic steering is as follows: Marine Control Systems,  Inc. 76 May Apple Lane, Franklin, NC 28734 (828) 508-4201 Gary Sorensen is able to obtain new custom-manufactured Hynautic model H-31S helm pumps used in many W42s. (Frank Fitzpatrick, Just Desserts, #195 - Aug. 24, 2014)





  • Weather Routing and Forecasting

Chris Parker Chris' forecasts and routing are a mainstay of Bahamas and Caribbean cruisers. Recommended (Greg Temple and many others)