BOWSPRIT – who makes em?

The following is a summary of a discussion on the forum about adding a bowsprit to the Whitby 42...

Does anyone remember a post that mentions a company that still has the jig to manufacture a bowsprit for a Whitby 42? I've searched but can't seem to find it. If not, I have the drawings so maybe somebody knows where I can have one fabricated, preferably here in the Southeast. I know the pros and cons, but I fell in love with the cutter rigged 42's, and Suli is already my boat!
Thanks in advance for the help!
Gregg, W42, #28

 Greg, Tip Top Metals makes most of the aft rail changes for Whitbys and can probably do the bow sprit.  We love ours, by the way.  Hannah

Greg: The company that made the bowsprits for Whitby is Tops in Quality. They still have the jigs and can make one for you. We purchased one for Natalie M and it fit like a glove. It even comes with all the hardware to install it on the boat. I would highly recommend this bowsprit. Good luck, Bob Slais

 Thanks all! Hannah, do you have a picture of the "Tops" bowsprit? I'm leaning towards having them do this for me.  Another thing, I got Ted Brewer to send me a full set of drawings and he included an engineering drawing for the bowsprit (and a signed sail plan as well) so I can go to

Pipewelders or another fab shop if I decide to go this way.  I have been mining these websites for almost 5 years and you guys have saved me countless hours and loads of dollars -

thanks!!!! Gregg (Suli, W42 #28)

   Hi Greg

I look forward to whatever you can dig up as I will be putting a bowsprit on TIH at some time in the future. If I come across anything I will post it. In the interim check out the research this guy has done on the subject. Gerry

Hi Gregg,

I had Tops in Quality out of Mich. do my bowsprit. Well done with a bow light added with was delivered to me in Texas. Price was extreamly reasonable. E-mail address is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Good Luck.

Mike St Somewhere,W42, #125