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TOPIC: File size and Type Limits

File size and Type Limits 9 years 9 months ago #185

  • gltemple
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Here is some information about system limits.

Max file size and allowable file types depends on where you are within the site. The basic "areas" are:
  • Home Page and Articles
  • Discussion Forum
  • Photo Galleries
  • File Downloads

We can change most of the limits to accommodate our needs. Let me know if you bump into unworkable limits as I have configured only a starting point. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the "file downloads" section there is a 10Mb maximum. Allowed file types are: zip, rar, pdf, txt

( zip and rar file types are a compressed file type to transmit more quickly. Each need a utility to "extract" the file's contents. pdf is Adobe's portable document format that supports printed page layout. It also needs a utility to use the pdf files' contents....usually Adobe Acrobat reader - free and downloadable. txt is a plain text format and its utility in Windows is notepad.)

For the "photo galleries" section there isn't a maximum per se. Uploaded images are saved in an originals directory for archival purposes. DISPLAYED images are resized at upload time to a width configured to 800 pixels. A comparable ratio is used for portrait orientation. Thus, within the gallery the max display width is 800 px. Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, gif ,png
(jpg and jpeg are different names for the same file type used for photos. Both size and number of colors may be specified. This permits a photo to be slimmed down to being just large enough to convey the needed detail. png and gif are alternative common graphic file types. In general, jpg/jpegs are best for photographs while gif is great for graphics with just a few colors and graphical representations less complex than photos.)

For the "discussion forum" the max size is:
    The max configurable image width is 1000px and the max height is 1000px
    Images wider or taller than 1000x1000 are rejected
    Only registered users may upload images

The "discussion Forum" also allows file uploads/attachments by registered users only. I don't know if unregistered guests can view attachments. Allowed file upload types are: zip, txt and doc and the configurable max is: 120k.
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Uploading photos 2 years 1 month ago #2592


I'm trying to find out how to upload a picture to a forum topic - but cant find anything anywhere except for videos. Can you point me to instructions?
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Uploading photos 2 years 1 month ago #2594

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Easiest way is to click on "add file" and then "insert" in the attachment box.


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Uploading photos 2 years 1 month ago #2595

Thanks very much - "file" confused me, was thinking pic... duh!
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