Rudder, packing gland

6 years 5 months ago #1818 by Bill Fiegener
Rudder, packing gland was created by Bill Fiegener
Last year I noticed a small leak coming from the rudder post where I believe the packing gland is. I asked the boat yard to have a look at it and see if its just the packing seal that needs to be replaced. They informed me today that its a big complicated job and parts are no longer available.

Does anyone know how to replace the seal? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1989 Brewer 44.


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6 years 4 months ago #1822 by Frederick Chance
Replied by Frederick Chance on topic Rudder, packing gland
My Brewer 44 a 1988 model has a leak in this seal as well. It only leaks when underway & the stern is squatted down several inches. The bilge pump runs every once in a while to keep the leak at bay. When I sail or are at anchor the gland is several inches above water line thus no intrusion of water. To make a repair the whole steering quadrant must be removed to get at the packing for this gland. I am not concerned & have made no effort to repair it. Fred Chance "Wild Oats" hull # 281

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