4.236 Propeller Pitch

8 years 7 months ago #1214 by Peter Garsoe
4.236 Propeller Pitch was created by Peter Garsoe
I have a 1985 12.8 double head sail ketch with a bowsprit and a Perkins 4.236 and am interested in the prop pitch others use. I have a 3 blade MaxProp, which I love, with a 2:1 Hurth250 Transmission. I cruise between 1450 and 1800 RPM and at the upper end hit 7.5 or so. It seems that what I read about the Perkins they should be turning faster then I run. The max. RPM I can get is about 2200 and at that the transmission gets quite warm even with a cooler attached to the side and the engine seems to be working hard. Any thought about the pitch and RPM I should be cruising. Thanks Peter

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