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2014 Annual Fall Upper Chesapeake Rendezvous Recap

The 21st Annual Whitby Brewer Association Rendezvous was held on October 6, 7, 8 at (the beautiful) West River Sailing Club in Galesville, MD. There were six boats at the dock: Morning Light, Wild Oats, Allegria, Island Time, Joie de Vivre and Shooting Star. There were 46 sailors in attendance. Each day was filled with socializing, presentations, boat visits and good food.

The following presentations were given:

Monday 6 October
Bob Smith (American Diesel, http://www.americandieselcorp.com) - Ford Lehman engine history
and Q & A.
Dalton Williams (Wifi for Boats, http://www.wififorboats.com) - state of wifi systems

Tuesday 7 October
Terry Temperly (Island Time) - refrigeration refit planning
Gerry O'Donoghue (Simbi) - iPad Applications
Mark and Diana Doyle (On The Water Chart Guides, http://www.onthewaterchartguides.org) - 50
Frugal Favorites on the ICW
Scott Lee (Joie de Vivre) - the state of our website, whitbybrewersailboats.com
John Cece - Life Raft Demo
Bill and Judy Speary (Janus) - cruising stories and lessons learned

Wednesday 8 October
Dee Strickland (Allegria) - Shafted in the Jumentos
Deb Temperly (Island Time) - Cruise Director's Corner - Easy in the Galley
John Cece - An Engineered Approach to No-Spill Fueling
Steven F. Lott (Red Ranger) - Boat Paperwork
Monique and Wick Mackenzie (Tigre) - update on the project boat
Maureen and Bruce Kinsey (Memory) - OpenCPN and Cruising Stories
George Chamberlain (Indefatigable) - Sales info and trends
Cindy Ann Bowers (Red Ranger) - Business meeting

Business meeting:

Terry Temperly delivered the Financial Report for the past year (to be posted separately). The funds in the account are to be used for expenses related to the maintenance of the WBS website. The Annual Rendezvous is funded completely by the attendees. There was a small surplus of funds from this year's Rendezvous due to additional people signing up late. A motion was made and passed to add this surplus to the fund for website maintenance. Additional donations were also made to the website fund, as it was pointed out that the website is our only asset and it assists owners in learning about their boats and connecting with others. It is also a strong reason why our boats have value on the open market because potential buyers know there is an active community for support on issues.

There are currently no membership dues being collected. Dues may be instituted in the future if the website needs more funds.

Cindy Ann Bowers reported on the social initiative started last year, to increase the number and regions where Whitby Brewer meet ups occur. Currently, the Annual Rendezvous is the onlygathering with the "Rendezvous" name due to the presence of the business meeting and the election of officers. Other social gatherings will use the term "Meet up". The website forum category "Getting Together" was launched last year and provides a place for meet up planning, photos and descriptions of meet ups. Several meet ups were held and documented last year, in Miami, Jacksonville, Vero Beach, and the Bahamas. Tools for facilitating meet ups were discussed, including the Whitby 42 Yachts FaceBook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/251728048880/), Cruiseheimers Net (http://www.bigdumboat.com/network.html) and Active Captain e-boat cards (http://www.eboatcards.com).

Brief plans for next year's Rendezvous were discussed. The West River Sailing Club is a prime facility in a good location and would be the first choice if John Cece can secure the Club again. We discussed moving the registration deadline to August first with an option for a partial refund for cancellation and a late fee, to encourage attendees to sign up early enough that we can pay for the food deposit.

Officer elections were held. All of the 2013-2014 officers were willing to serve another year, so elections went along quickly.

Officers for 2014-2015
Coordinator: Cindy Ann Bowers
Co-coordinator: Joe Fonseca
Treasurer: Terry Temperly
Co-Treasurer: George Chamberlain
Webmaster: Scott Lee
Membership coordinator: Jeanie Lee
WRSC liaison: John Cece
Historian: John Cece

The meeting was adjourned and the bar opened.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cindy Ann Bowers, Coordinator