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Some preliminaries:

  • Please read this whole article before starting.
  • Decide on your category and section.  If you don't find ones suitable, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us what you need.   Your article can be saved under "Uncategorized" temporarily.
  • Be sure to upload any photos into the Photo Gallery: add url
  • If you are going to include links to files, upload them to the File Downloads area. add url
Here's an overview screen shot with some tips.


Now, enter your text.  You can enter it in the window as I've done here.  You may want to change the font size or use a predefined format.  See the selections directly above.

You may want to cut and paste.  See the tips in the image below with more tips:


  • Feel free to experiment. 
  • You cannot hurt the system. 
  • ALL articles are reviewed for publication. 
  • Any mistakes remain your secret until you email the admins.  Then we'll publish your article. 
  • We can also help you with the formatting, if necessary.

Our experience is that it is easiest to add all, or most of your text.  Then, add your pictures.  Take a look below for tips on using the photo manager.



Ok, here are some formatting tips contained in the image below.


There you have it.  Start with something simple.  Even some text is fine.